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Our Story

Embaixada CaliFla Taças

At a time when it was very difficult and expensive to follow Flamengo's games outside Brazil, around 2007, a small group of “red-black” (rubro-negros) supporters began to gather in San Diego, California to watch and cheer during the Mengão’s games. Thus providing the perfect environment to the creation of CaliFla. The name denotes the joining of the proper names "California" and "Flemengo." Thus, meaning a meeting of Flamengo’s supporters or rubro-negros in the state of California.


Over the years many supporters have left, a fact that threatened the existence of CaliFla. However, many others supporters have arrived and continues to arrive.


For some years Flamengo had already been strengthening a special program aimed at rubro-negros who live far from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The idea was to establish better contact with Flamengo’s supporters spread throughout Brazil and the world, hence the idea of ​​the Nation's Embassies and Consulates. The Embassies and Consulates of the Nation are spontaneous movements of rubro-negros spread across several locations in Brazil and abroad, who gather to watch Flamengo's games and celebrate their victories and achievements.


On August 19, 2019, we were officially recognized by the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo as the CaliFla Consulate. Thus, we became the first Flamengo consulate in California. CaliFla members are committed in cooperation to give the consulate visibility. As fans emerge from every corner of San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County and Los Angeles, the CaliFla consulate became an Embassy on December, 2020. We continue adjusting to fulfill our mission: Provide all Rubro-negros a nest, a place where they can gather and support the greatest team in the world on it’s endeavors.



Red and Black greetings.


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